Here is a sampling on what some of our former clients have had to say about our services.

Rick was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time.  I had immediate need of a lawyer on a Saturday, and Rick was quick to respond and meet with me before an ACS safety meeting on the following Monday.

  I was overwhelmed by the crisis my family was in, and Rick guided me through this confusing and painful situation, attending the meeting and ensuring that I understood everything that was taking place.  Rick laid out the steps I needed to take in order to protect my family, including providing the resources to help find appropriate therapy for us.  He was quick to respond to all of my panicked phone calls, attend all further meetings, and even took over communication with ACS on my behalf.

    Over the following year and a half, Rick continued to provide guidance and counsel while my family dealt with a contentious legal battle from ACS.  As a non-respondent parent, I wasn’t required to have a lawyer, but I needed one, and I am grateful it was Rick.  Our family could not have come through this without him.- Jen A Family Law client

I don’t think I would have survived the stress surrounding the birth of my grandson without the sage advise and support of Mr. Reyes. He advised our family every step of the way and there were weeks at a time where we called or texted him daily. He is a very smart, direct, honest, and strategic person. Because of his help, we were able to resolve matters outside of court.- Peggy A Child Custody client
Rick is an outstanding lawyer who specializes in family law, custody and divorce. I used him to help me get my child back after he was taken away for false allegations. He treated me very well, was extremely knowledgable. He gave me a better than fair rate, He was timely in calling me back and was very attentive in the court room. My son was returned to me immediately and was able to settle out of court. He is a fighter and will not only fight for you but help you behave in a manner that helps and not hurts you in the court room! I highly recommend him.- Lisa A Family Court client

When my world started to implode last year, a close friend put me in touch with Rick Reyes. At my first consultation, I had no idea how deep of a hole I was in, but Rick did. Over the following months, Rick impressed me again and again with his legal savvy through a series of harrowing court appearances, and with his warmth and fundamental decency in the long hours we spent together during breaks in the court proceedings. By its nature, the circumstances of a family law case involve a certain baring of the soul. For that reason, it was important to me to be represented by an attorney who is not only technically accomplished but is also someone to whom I can relate. Having seen some of the worst aspects of human nature as my family fell apart, Rick helped me remember there are good people in this world. I would unreservedly recommend him. - Victor A Family Court client